Nipigon River Bear Hunts

Canadian Forms & Regulations

​To Hunt in Canada

You will need a Federal Firearms License (Issued at the Border) and a Provincial Hunting License.

Follow the link to Read Highlights of Canada’s Firearm Laws from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. You will need to know this information if you plan to take a firearm from the US into Canada or plan to borrow and use a firearm once on Canadian soil. This also contains all licensing and fee information.

To Bring Firearms into Canada:

You will need to declare your firearm to a customs officer at the point of entry to Canada and have a completed Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Form

If you plan to bring more than three (3) firearms you will also need a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Continuation Sheet

If you plan to borrow a firearm in Canada you will need:

Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) and a Temporary Firearms Borrowing License (For Non-Residents)

All forms can be filled out prior to arrival at the border, but DO NOT SIGN ANY FORMS BEFORE ARRIVING AT CUSTOMS.

Obtaining an Ontario Provincial Hunting License & Outdoors Card

Please follow the link and read the information regarding the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary.

You will need to purchase an Outdoors Card and Hunting Licence for Non-Residents of Ontario.  View the chart of options and fees for each license.

Follow the process of purchasing or renewing an Outdoors Card and appropriate hunting license for your trip.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.


Canadian Forms & Regulations